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Ross Lewin
Owner at Lewin Creative Group

Personal Bio: Ross uses his energetic, vibrant personality to succeed in business and life. Professionally, he is a serial entrepreneur and has a hand in several technology startups. His main gig is a Photography/Videography company built around engaging and fun photo shoots. An avid Latin dancer, Ross performs several times a month with several dance teams throughout Washington, D.C. 

Company Bio:  Lewin Creative Group is a creative media production and technology firm. Projects center around visual art, including photography, videography, graphic design, and animation, but also encompass overall branding, website development, and marketing technology implementation.


Testimonial: My scopes summer was definitely a transformational experience for me. While I wasn't unconfident going into the job, the consistent and varied sales situations I encountered really leveled up my social skills and served me well in my career. I still use many of the photography skills I learned during the summer, and my TOP SALES trophy still sits on my desk! Best summer of my life! 

Summers Completed at Telescope Pictures: 1 

Advice for a future recruit: Stick with it and GRIND! Every interview I’ve been on post scopes is amazed and extremely impressed with my time there.  It is unlike any other internship or summer job and will set you apart from other candidates. If you can go back for more than one summer that's even better.  

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