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About Us

Telescope Pictures® is the experience that Ocean City, MD and Virginia Beach, VA and have made famous. 


To much of the crew, who over the years, have been fortunate enough to experience the comradery, competition, relationships, and memories that came exclusively from working on a crew for the summer or…to the multitude of families, friends, and beachgoers who have continued to make Telescope Pictures a tradition and part of their annual vacation, seeking the same photographer year after year to take their “scopes”, we try to do things different and deliver something different. Sure we take pictures, but what’s astonishing is that the Company is not really about photography.  Instead, it’s about people, relationships, and the feeling enjoyed by giving customers something special and unique. We re-invented the photo shoot taking it from boring and awkward to fast, fun, and friendly; and, since 1945 or so have delivered a dynamic experience to visitors, right on the beach.  Whether it’s the high-five to grandma or the celebrity shot with your favorite customers, some would say we probably re-invented the workplace as well. As a result our customers have continued the age old tradition for over 74 years. 


To our Customers and the families and friends that have come to the beach generation after generation, we have become an iconic vacation event. They expect us, know us by name, and have made us part of their Ocean City and Virginia Beach tradition for many years and continue to do so.  


To our Employees, we have become more like a way of life than just another summer job. A unique place to become rewarded and recognized, meet new people, make new friends, express individuality, sharpen job skills, graduate debt free, and create the memories of a lifetime living at the beach for the summer. For those of you who have been there and done that, you know the ones.     


And lastly, to our Managers, what they say is simple. “Let the job transform you and it will”   


So, whether you are referring to our Customers, Crew, or Culture there is only one word that comes to mind- we’re just not exactly sure which word.

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