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Nick Waldner
CEO & President Waldner Winters Tean


Waterfront House Hunting Trailer:

Fail Forward Friday:

Personal Bio: 

Nick has been selling real estate for 14 years. In the past 4 years alone, his sales jumped from 40 homes a year to over 400! With all of this growth, he’s been able to step completely out of production and recently starred in the hit TV series “Waterfront House Hunting” on FYI. Nick took clients all over the country to find and buy their waterfront dreams!

When he isn’t working or filming, Nick loves to travel and is an adventure nut! He’s surfed the east coast of Australia, went sky diving and bungee jumping in New Zealand, spent a week scuba diving in Fiji, Climbed to the top of Kilimanjaro AND Machu Picchu… Nick credits his adventurous spirit with how and why he pushes himself so much in the business arena.

With all of this success, nothing compares to the recent birth of his son! A little spitting image of himself, Nick now proudly enjoys more quiet nights at home and low key adventures around the house but knows soon enough he’ll have a new adventure partner to take everywhere!


The team’s mission: “We are in the business of developing people, cleverly disguised as a real estate team.”


The vision: “We measure our success on our ability to allow others to fulfill their dreams. Whether that’s a client looking to Buy, Sell or Invest or a teammate looking to achieve their personal and professional best.”


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