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Molly Imbriale
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Florida Southern College - Summer 2018-Present

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Personal Bio: I grew up purchasing Telescope Pictures with my family in Ocean City, Maryland. Early in the summer of 2018, I walked into the 120th Street studio and applied for a job. It was the best spontaneous decision I ever made. With one year under my belt, I am looking forward to another amazing summer working on the beach.  It has been an experience of a lifetime. 

Scopes Bio: Working at Telescope Pictures gave me the best summer of my life with new life-long friends and an opportunity to find out more about myself. It taught me the value of hard work and determination, and I gained more confidence in myself than I ever thought possible. The staff at Telescope Pictures are amazing, kind, and entertaining. Everyone at Telescope Pictures has each others´ backs and will take care of each other; it is like a second family. 

Advice for a future Recruit: 

Don´t give up! Everyone has one bad day on the beach, but that does not and cannot define you. One rejection on the beach should be used to motivate you, not break you down. 

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