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Madi Dudley
University of Alabma - Summer 2017-Present





Personal Bio: Hi! My names Madi Dudley, and this will be my third summer scoping! I’m a junior at The University of Alabama studying advertising and graphic design. I’m originally from Severna Park, Maryland, but grew up living in Ocean City every summer my whole life, and now my family lives here year round! I grew up getting my scopes done, and have at least 1 from each year since 1999, and the oldest scope my family has is from 1964, so I guess you could say I’ve grown up with Scopes. 

Testimonial: Working for Scopes has changed my entire life, and has helped me become the person I am today. It helped me come out of my shell, become more confident, and become so much more outgoing! My summers at Scopes have been the highlights of my year since my rookie summer and I can’t wait to come back this summer, and have been counting down the days to Memorial Day Weekend since Labor Day. 

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