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Alexis Williamson
Sales Engineer at Keyence Corporation

Personal Bio: My name is Alexis Williamson. I was raised in a small town called Pottsville located in Central Pennsylvania. I am an alumni of Pottsville Area High School and Shippensburg University. I graduated with a Marketing Degree from Shippensburg University in 2017, however am currently working in Engineering Sales in the Philadelphia area.

Company Bio: I am currently a Sales Engineer at Keyence Corporation of America. Keyence corporation is an industry leader in industrial automation products. I, more specifically, represent our quality and metrology group. This entails sales presentations at 4+ businesses a day. These sales presentations are typically in front of CEO’s and decision makers that can approve a purchase for $70,000 and above. Telescope Pictures has given me the foundation to be comfortable and confident in doing this. It is crazy to think that selling keychains on the beach has led me to a successful sales career in selling capital pieces of equipment with such high monetary value.

Testimonial:  I started at Telescope Pictures as a Senior in high school. I was a lost puppy at the time and honestly just wanted to get away from my mom in the summer and hang out at the beach. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life at the time – I just knew I wanted to have fun and make money. My first summer was the best summer of my life. I met people that are still actively in my life right now and made LOTS of money. People loved me out there and I could really tell that I was making a difference in people’s life. A keychain salesman making an impact on people’s lives… who would’ve thought. My second summer back, I realized by talking to people on the beach that I wanted to drop my major in political science and pursue a business career. This was the best decision of my life and wouldn’t have been possible without this company. People really enjoyed talking to me out there, they remembered me from year to year, and I was starting to build long-term relationships with them. Without Telescope Pictures, I would’ve never know my true passion – sales, relationship building, talking to people, and making that money. By my third summer, I felt like a pro. I enjoyed mentoring people, sharing my experiences, and helping them succeed while I succeeded myself. None of these experiences would’ve been possible without Jon Cameron. I can’t thank Jon enough for the great memories we’ve created over the years as a team. I always considered Jon as not only a great boss and mentor, but a great friend as well.

Summers completed at Telescope Pictures: I worked 3 full summers at Telescope Pictures. I like to come back a few times every summer and get back out there still, though. It feels great.

Advice to a future recruit: Push through it – push yourself. And with that comes money, lots of money. Who doesn’t like that? Always have fun. I’ve never thought of “scopes” as working. Every morning I would tell myself I’m just going to go out there and talk to people – everything else would fall into place if I did that… and it did. Scopes isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle. An awesome one at that.

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