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Kyle Toomey
Studio Coordinator at QVC Studios

Personal Bio: I am a graduate of Shippensburg University and worked at Telescope Pictures after graduation in 2015. I currently work at the Television Retailer, QVC. My goal is to become a wedding photographer or Videographer. This is due to "Scopes" helping find that I love taking pictures. So much so, that I bought my ownprofessional camera and equipment.

Testimonial: The job is not for the weak or those looking to just party all summer. If you are among those who work hard and stick it out, Telescope Pictures will reward you with bonuses, and parties. Being one of the top Photographers early in the Summer, Jon, Charlie and Jeff recognized my hard work as well as 3 others and gave us a day off. Jon has helped me get the job I have today by being a reference in the professional world. Not to mention some of my best friends are those who I met while working for Telescope Pictures. It's a bond you build like no other by being thrown into a house with random people, but in the end it's an unbreakable bond that lasts far longer than the summer.

Summers completed at Telescope Pictures: 1


Advice to a future recruit: My piece of advice is to work hard THEN play hard. Yes you're at the beach, yes there are lots of parties and great bars, but make work your first priority. Besides, you're done at 5pm anyways!

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