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Eric Grimmel
Administrator - Lorien Health , Realtor - Northrop Realty

Personal Bio: I am an 2001-2004 veteran and saw the game change from film to digital.  I left scopes to pursue a career as a healthcare executive.  I oversee a long term care campus as the Administrator and have over 500 employees on my team.  I also became a real estate agent about 3 years ago as a part time interest.  I married the girl I dated at Salisbury and have 2 kids and still get our Scopes each summer. 

Testimonial: Live changing experience, I learned to work hard and play harder.  I wouldn’t trade my time at scopes for anything. 

Years Completed at Telescope Pictures: 4

Advice to a future recruit: You get what you put in, if you put the consistent effort in you will be a winner.  The job is almost more about the social lifestyle that comes from being a Scoper, but there is no lifestyle without the success that comes from pure hustle. Scoping is not for the physically or mentally weak. If you came down to maximize your money and your experiences, there is simply no other job that can compete with being a Scoper, get some!

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