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Andrew Lynam
Account Manager at Legal Images, LLC

Personal Bio: I moved to Baltimore, MD in 2007 and have been with the same company since being in Baltimore. I work for a company called Legal Images, where I have been in sales for the past 12 years. One of the factors that helped me get hired was the name "Telescope Pictures" my boss knew the work ethic that was instilled in us and believed in me. I have a very outgoing personality and always have a smile on my face.


Company Bio: Legal Images offers comprehensive photocopying services and scanning services in the Baltimore, MD area. Our company provides services to law firms to outsource the work that can be done with our company for a fraction of the cost. 

Testimonial: I worked with Telescope pictures for three summers during my years in college. Scopes has taught me to be a hard worker, always persistent, and to have a drive to always hit number and exceed goals. The friends, contacts, and relationships I formed while working at Scopes I am forever grateful for and can pick up where I left off anytime seeing my former "crew". 

Summers completed at Telescope Pictures: 3


Advice to a future recruit: 

- The lessons you will learn will carry on with you throughout your in personal and professional life. 

- The friends you'll make, experiences you'll have, and the life you will live will be unlike anything you have every experienced.  

- If you enjoy a challenge and new adventures everyday then Telescope pictures in right up your alley 

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