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Charles Fogel
College Recruiting Manager at Student City

Personal Bio: Focused on adding value to people centered businesses. Finding, hiring, and training up raw recruits to fit company and clientele needs. Grew small seasonal company from 2 locations with 50 employees to multi state year round business employing up to 300 staff members in space of 10 years.
-Thrived in a field that was supposed to be all but extinct due to drastic technological changes.

Company Bio: 

North Ocean City Scoper 2002-2005 Rookie of the Year 2002

Telescope Pictures Scoper 2008-2009

Venue Manager for Telescope Pictures at Seacrets 2009-2011

Venue Manager North Ocean City 2011-2017

Executive Management Team 2012-2017

Testimonial:  I originally came to OCMD like most college students. I wanted to live at the beach and would take any job that would get me there and Scopes offered housing at a discount so it seemed a no brsiner. Keep in mind I grew up in PA and never vacationed in OCMD so I did not know about the Scopes tradition. I had no expectations except to live and work on the beach and of course my parents were concerned but packed me up and sent me on my way.

To say the experience working with Telescope Pictures changed my life is a tired cliche..... But it has to be said. I came to OCMD a fairly nice quiet kid without much confidence. I was thrown into a world with people I didn't know in a town i wasn't familiar with. 

I can't list all the ways I grew, matured, and changed as a young student over my 3 summers with Scopes. It wasn't a job. It was almost like a training program for how to interact with everyone. The experiences I had and people I met prepared me for for EVERY obstacle later in life.

I became confident, outspoken, and able to make friends with every different type of individual you could meet. I made excellent money to pay for school. I made friends and built relationships that are my closest still to this day in my 30s. The business and social contacts alone were worth the trip. 

Summers completed at Telescope Pictures: 16

Advice to a future recruit: Something you can't put a price on or quantify would be the life experience and ability to overcome adversity. This wasn't about selling pictures of keychains, it was about the people and yourself. 

If you want a job, go bus tables at Phillips. If you want something where you can make money and be ready for the rest of your life come work with Telescope Pictures.

I have never met one person who finished a summer w Scopes that regretted their decision. But I meet plenty of people who say "Wow I wish I would have done something like that when I had the chance

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