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Ben Crawford
Territory Manager at Supreme Orthopedic Systems

Personal Bio: Age 37, Live in Winchester, VA with my wife Anna and 2 kids, Natalie and Jordan. Alumni of JMU and consistently held sales jobs of all sorts from scopes, to million dollar homes, to wine cellars, to medical devices (current). Always willing to help a fellow Scoper in any way I can.

Company Bio: Orthopedic Medical Device Sales - Mostly Sports related injuries (ACL's, Rotator Cuffs etc...) The distributor I work for is called Supreme Orthopedic Systems and they exclusively sell Arthrex products all over MD, VA and DC. We are often searching for highly skilled sales folks like those that come out of Scopes.

Testimonial: Scoper from 2002-2004. My time with Telescope Pictures in VA Beach was some of the greatest times of my life. I made lasting memories and friendships and learned what hard work and playing harder was all about. The job is not for the faint of heart but what it teaches you is an invaluable lesson in life and sales.

Summers completed at Telescope Pictures: 3


Advice to a future recruit: To be successful at this job you must have a strong work ethic, positive attitude and charisma. If you can be successful selling scopes I believe you can be successful selling anything.

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