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Andrew Pajak
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine -  Internal Medicine Residency

Andrew Pajak, 28 yo M

University of Maryland 2014- Biochemistry B.S., Microbiology B.S.

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine 2019- Medical Degree DO.

Personal Bio: I am currently 28 years old and reside in Delaware. I grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, specifically, Kent Island, attended the University of Maryland for undergraduate and completed medical school up in Erie, Pennsylvania at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. Currently, I am starting my Internal Medicine residency, with an interest in a Critical Care/Pulmonology fellowship. My professional goal is to become a Critical Care attending physician either in Maryland or Delaware. My fiancée, Jessica,  is also in the medical field as a pediatric nurse practitioner and we plan to get married down in Ocean City, Maryland this upcoming June. Hobbies include weightlifting, hunting, fishing, outdoors, sports, reading science fiction books, beer, wine, bourbon, and the beach.

Company Bio: Beginning the summer of 2009, after graduating high school, I began my 4 year stint working for Telescope Pictures. Primarily, working the downtown streets 24-33, alongside some of the most competitive people ever to come through Scopes. Working for Telescope Pictures, you bust your tail day-in and day-out, but all the while you’re on a beach, talking with families, interacting with kids. What’s not to like! You learn skills that will be of use to you years down the line, no matter where your life takes you after Scopes. The person-to-person interactions and communication skills are second to none. On a daily basis, I use this skill set with my patients, and you will too no matter your profession.

Testimonial:  You go through life reflecting upon certain experiences; events which shape your life, teaching moments, people who push you to the best of your abilities. My experience at Telescope Pictures was just that, one of the single best decisions I have ever made. The people you interact with are phenomenal. Each day they push you to better yourself and those around you, all the while being great friends. Additionally, you learn a lot about people and your interactions with them. You interact with hundreds of people a day, tens of thousands of people each summer, and each person is unique. Having these communication and sales skills as part of your arsenal, is absolutely pivotal in today’s world, no matter your profession. Lastly, you learn a great deal about finances not only with this job but also living at the beach. If you live in OCMD during the summer, one of the big worries is income. However, since you have a well paid job, that isn’t the issue, the problem is trying not to spend all of it at the bars or on food, as you do live in a beach resort town. So, one has to balance a solid income, temptations of OCMD, and possibly paying off school loans. And if done properly, you can have a great summer job, work with exceptional people, enjoy every moment of summer, and pay for school.

Summers completed at Telescope Pictures: 4 Summers

Advice to a future recruit: 

  1. “Just be yourself”

  2. Pick something to get better at each day/week and focus your energy on it. Whether it’s your approach to clients, opening line, closing goodbye, interacting with kids, etc. Whatever it may be, try to focus on something and always improve. Ask a veteran Scoper how he/she may approach a situation.

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