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Alex Kanakis
Director of Sales at Century Link

Personal Bio: Graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, “Pitt”. Live and work in downtown Chicago. 29 years old.

Company Bio: Director of Sales at CenturyLink (50,000+ employees globally), a leading provider of global communications networks, data centers, and cloud services. I run a team of individuals who work with Fortune 500 companies in the Chicago area, and are responsible for technical architecture & design, sales, service delivery, and customer success.

*President’s Club Winner (Top 1% of individual sellers)

*Youngest Director in the company at 28

Testimonial:  "Telescope Pictures, and the opportunities it afforded, were rewarding both professionally & personally. Working with the team instilled and demanded a work ethic that has led to my professional success, all while creating lifelong friendships & memories. I always said “Scoping” was one of the best summers of my life. But now as an adult, I can appreciate everything else the experience has given me."

Summers completed at Telescope Pictures: 1

Advice to a future recruit: “Don’t overthink it. Just have fun.”

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