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Will Donnelly
Regional Sales Manager at Align Technology

Personal Bio: A southwestern Pennsylvania native (Pittsburgh suburb) who attended THE Indiana University of Pennsylvania, which is known as the Division II academic and athletic powerhouse of Pennsylvania schools.  After graduating college I moved to the NYC suburbs in New Jersey for eight years to work in sales.  While living there I met my wife, and we now live in North Carolina with our two boys. 

Company Bio: Align Technology – the pioneers of Invisalign.

Testimonial: It was a great experience.  Who can’t enjoy working on the beach every day and making a lot of money doing it?  The job taught me the value of hard work in a competitive environment.  The success I had working at Telescope Pictures for four summers helped fund college expenses, and led me to pursue a career in sales.  Most importantly, I met people that are friends for life.

Summers Completed at Telescope Pictures: 4

Advice to a future recruit: Work hard.  Have fun.  Don’t quit.

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