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Tyler Krizan
Commercial and Residential Sales Specialist - Smart Energy Group

Testimonial: Telescope Pictures, where do I begin! Summer after freshman year of college I came down to OCMD to try out this job I had only been customer to as a young boy. I got off to a rocky start to say the least, mostly film running and night scoping my first summer. I knew I wasn't a "natural" but had an insatiable desire to be great at this job. Hard work at Scopes inevitably pays off! The last couple weeks began a quick progression into day scoping, and set me up for some of the best summers of my life.

The next 3 college summers were filled with unbelievable memories on and off the beach. Not only did I develop into my own Scoper, but enjoyed summers at the beach with now lifelong friends. It is a rare opportunity for a dedicated few to work hard, play harder and have some of the best times of your life! You are only limited by your own thoughts and beliefs--in life but especially as a Scoper. The possibilities are endless for not only monetary success, but the life skills developed for the future. I always loved coming back to college in the Fall hearing about everyone else's boring summer and internship, with a sly smile on my face knowing how much more fun I had and money I made

After slaving away in the "real world" for about 5 years, I decided to leave and go travel the globe. I never forgot what an enjoyable and lucrative job this was, and returned to Scope two more summers to refill my travel fund and good vibes. Yes, it is possible to Scope 3 months a year and travel the rest...what a dream!

I now work in sales with a solar company in Australia, where I have quickly become one of the top performers. I can surely thank Scopes for a lot of that success! The lessons I learned from Telescope Pictures have allowed me to realize the life I always wanted. Keep an open but focused mind, and Scopes can quickly become a dream come true.

Summers completed at Telescope Pictures: 6

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